Shaping a new vision for the Alliant Energy Center Campus

Alliant Energy Center Campus Master Plan and Destination District Vision & Strategy have been unveiled!

On behalf of the Alliant Energy Center Comprehensive Master Plan Oversight Committee and the Destination District Vision and Strategy Ad Hoc Vision Panel, we are pleased to share with you the Campus Master Plan and Destination District Vision documents. Together, these proposals represent a culmination of diligent research, exploration, community input and planning for a key regional asset and surrounding area.  

As a valuable cultural, social and economic asset to Dane County and Greater Madison, the Alliant Energy Center generates substantial economic impacts and contributes greatly to our quality of life. However, community needs and market analyses have shown great potential to increase these benefits and that a failure to begin making improvements will diminish this asset and create a fiscal burden. Accordingly, the Dane County Board established a Master Plan Oversight Committee to develop a market-driven, financially sustainable and community-supported plan, which has just been completed.    

In 2017, the Oversight Committee completed a visioning process that established the foundations for the Master Plan and set a course for the Alliant Energy Center campus to serve as the region’s premier convening venue that provides exceptional and authentic experiences for the community and visitors alike. An equally important outcome from that process was the need to better integrate the campus with its surroundings and to establish a recognizable “destination district” with the Alliant Energy Center at its core.

The Destination Vision & Strategy resulted from a 6-month planning effort conducted concurrently with the Master Plan to provide an area-wide vision framework to drive future decision-making for the public and private lands around the Alliant Energy Center as well as the future improvements to the Center itself. This Public/Private collaborative effort creates a 15-year vision to transform under-optimized lands between the downtown and the Beltline into a cohesive and recognizable destination district and economic catalyst for our region anchored by the Alliant Energy Center, lakefront and extensive public open spaces.

The two proposed plans will help provide a solid framework for enhancing a key area of this area that is brimming with potential. The catalyst for implementing the Destination District is the first Phases of improvements to the Alliant Energy Center campus in order to draw supporting private development. The $90 million in public investment will trigger more than $205 million in private investment on the campus for the first phases alone creating 1,400 new jobs and generating nearly $3 million in annual local property, sales and lodging taxes. Further, the Center’s net operating revenues will nearly double, ensuring that it continues to be self-supporting. To quickly advance the project, in 2019 Dane County will be starting initial design work and preparing a public-private funding strategy with the goal of breaking ground in the next two-three years. 


About this website

This website contains documents and information that have been developed over the past ten years regarding the planning and future options for the Alliant Energy Center. Building from these past efforts, the County Board created the Comprehensive Master Plan Oversight Committee in 2016 to prepare a formal long-term plan for improvements to the campus grounds and facilities for implementation over the next 15-20 years.

If you have questions or you are interested in learning more about the AEC Master Plan Master Plan process, please check back to this website for updates and contact us by sending your comments to our Dane County offices.