Shaping a new vision for the Alliant Energy Center Campus

AEC Vision CoverOversight Committee kicks off Master Planning process

Dane County has begun its search for a consulting team to create a Campus Master Plan that builds on the Alliant Energy Center Vision and Implementation Framework. Based on recommendations from the Master Planning Oversight Committee, the County Board Finance and Public Works Committees endorsed the Vision and Framework document this fall along with moving forward with a full-on master plan. The County will be soliciting proposals that are due in January and hopes to have a consultant under contract by the end of March. The Master Planning Process is then expected to take 9-12 months to complete. For further information on the RFP please visit Timeline

The Vision and Framework document sets a course for strategically directing future investments in the facilities to increase the tax base and economic/event activity in a manner that best reflects the region’s economic, social, environmental and equity priorities. The document represents the culmination of the second phase of a four-phase, multi-year effort to develop a strategic vision and market-driven, financially sustainable design and plan for the entire 164-acre Alliant Energy Center campus. Phase 2 concluded with the Committee’s adoption of the Vision and Framework document and we are now moving into Phase 3, the Master Planning Process. 





About this website

This website contains documents and information that have been developed over the past ten years regarding the planning and future options for the Alliant Energy Center. Building from these past efforts, the County Board created the Comprehensive Master Plan Oversight Committee in 2016 to prepare a formal long-term plan for improvements to the campus grounds and facilities for implementation over the next 15-20 years.

If you have questions or you are interested in learning more about the AEC Master Plan Visioning Process, please check back to this website for updates and contact us by sending your comments to our Dane County offices.