Alliant Energy Center
Strategic Feasibility Study
Dane County Planning and Development

Project Description

Dane County is conducting a Strategic Feasibility Study of the Alliant Energy Center (AEC) facilities and campus to assess the opportunities and challenges associated with upgrading the AEC facilities, and to determine the highest and best use of the AEC campus from a real estate perspective.

The research and analysis will evaluate the AEC’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats utilizing a SWOT analysis. Additional aspects of this study will include: exposition market analysis; capital investment needs; options for public-private partnerships; and, alternative finance and governance arrangements.

The study will use a lens of social and racial equity, as well as environmental sustainability, priorities for our region, when considering overall re-development opportunities. Understanding the needs of the surrounding communities, as well as integration with the vicinity is also key.

The Dane County AEC Strategic Design Committee provides oversight to the project and works together with the project team and study consultants, Conventions, Sports and Leisure International (CSL) and Hammes Co. to help develop a thorough and detailed study.

The study includes opportunities for area residents and stakeholders to share their ideas and concerns about the project. Once this study is complete, and as part of the next steps, a more comprehensive and detailed community visioning process will be conducted.

Please see the AEC Study Fact Sheet for further details.

To view the minutes and agendas of the AEC Strategic Design Committee, please go to this link:

If you have questions or you are interested in learning more about the AEC Strategic Feasibility Study, please check back to this website for updates and feel free to contact Todd Violante or Olivia Parry in the Dane County Planning and Development Department.