Alliant Energy Center Redevelopment Committee

The Alliant Energy Center Redevelopment Committee was created by the Dane County Board of Supervisors on March 2019, and has been Reactivated in 2023. The purpose of the committee, as directed in County Board Resolution 2018-498, is to provide guidance on financing and governing issues associated with the campus redevelopment as well as review of public and private investment in the Alliant Energy Center. Members of the Committee are:

Alliant Energy Center Redevelopment Committee

  • Supervisor Chuck Erickson, Chair (County Board Chair Appointee)
  • Alder Isadore Knox, Vice Chair (District 14 Alder)
  • Adam Heffron (Alliant Energy Center Executive Director)
  • Dr. Ruben Anthony (County Executive Appointee)
  • Zach Zweifel (County Executive Appointee)
  • Supervisor Jeff Glazer (County Board Chair Appointee)
  • Heather Stouder (Madison Mayor Designee)
  • Tom DeChant (County Board Chair Appointee – Area Resident)
  • Ellie Westman Chin (Destination Madison CEO)
  • Brewer Stouffer (Destination Madison Appointee)
  • Pam Christenson (Greater Madison Chamber Appointee)
  • Rob Crain (Madison Sports Commission Appointee)
  • Supervisor Dave Ripp (Public Work and Transportation Committee Chair Appointee

Committee Agendas and Minutes

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Committee Work Plan 

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