Draft Vision Documents and Presentations

The Draft AEC Vision and Implementation Framework Document is Ready for Your Review!

The draft Alliant Energy Center Vision and Implementation Framework document was released on August 7th and is available for immediate download here. The Master Planning Oversight Committee will hold a meeting on Monday, September 11th at the City-County Building to take public input on the document before acting on it. Comments on the document can be provided in-person at the meeting or by sending an email to aecvision@countyofdane.com.

The Alliant Energy Center is a key regional asset that serves as a dynamic convening campus providing an exceptional and authentic experience for the community and visitors alike. The seamlessly integrated campus serves as a catalyst for a vibrant destination district driving tax base growth and increased access to economic opportunity for area residents.

Draft Vision Statement

The purpose of the Vision and Framework document is to set a course for strategically directing future investments in the facilities to increase the tax base and economic/event activity in a manner that best reflects the region’s economic, social, environmental and equity priorities. The document represents the culmination of the second phase of a four-phase, multi-year effort to develop a strategic vision and market-driven, financially sustainable design and plan for the entire 164-acre Alliant Energy Center campus. Phase 1 saw the completion of a Market, Financial, Facility & Impact Analysis, and Phase 3 will see the preparation of a detailed AEC Campus Master Plan in 2018 followed by implementation and improvements to the campus in Phase 4 over the following years.

AEC Public Comments, Survey and Workshop Results

Committee Meeting Presentations


Vision Process Work Plan

Visioning Framework

The final outcome of the Visioning process will be a strategic and market-driven vision for the entire 164-acre AEC campus. A redevelopment framework and action plan will drive the development of a Campus Master Plan in the next phase of work as well as other implementation activities to address long-term funding and governance, and continued public engagement.

An initial draft of the Vision and Redevelopment Framework are expected to be completed in early August and will be posted on this page.