AEC Vision Document CoverThe Alliant Energy Center is a key regional asset that serves as a dynamic convening campus providing an exceptional and authentic experience for the community and visitors alike.

The seamlessly integrated campus serves as a catalyst for a vibrant destination district driving tax base growth and increased access to economic opportunity for area residents.

AEC Vision and Implementation Framework Document

The purpose of the Vision and Framework document prepared by Vandewalle & Associates, was to set a course for strategically directing future investments in the facilities to increase the tax base and economic/event activity in a manner that best reflects the region’s economic, social, environmental and equity priorities. The document represents the culmination of the second phase of a four-phase, multi-year effort to develop a strategic vision and market-driven, financially sustainable design and plan for the entire 164-acre Alliant Energy Center campus.

AEC Market, Financial, Facility, and Impact AnalysisHunden Report

This report prepared by team led by Hunden Strategic Partners identifies the AEC’s current economic impact and potential improvements to AEC facilities and their associated costs and impacts. The report provided the Oversight Committee and community with several options to consider for making improvements to core AEC facilities as well as other improvements that could be added to the campus and surrounding area to create a more interesting and attractive destination for local residents as well as out of town visitors.

AEC Newsletters

AEC April Newsletter, 2018

AEC May Newsletter, 2018

AEC July Newsletter, 2018

AEC August Newsletter, 2018

AEC October Newsletter, 2018

AEC Public Comments, Survey and Workshop Results

Joint Alliant Energy Center Campus Master Plan and Destination District Public Event October 2018

On October 15, 2018 Perkins + Will, the consultant team leading the Alliant Energy Center Campus master planning process, presented the draft Alliant Energy Center Campus Master Plan. Following their presentation, Vandewalle & Associates presented the draft Destination District Vision & Strategy for the surrounding area. The consultants facilitated engagement activities that included real time keypad polling and interactive stations where community members could talk with the consultants and the Alliant Energy Center Comprehensive Master Plan Oversight Committee. 

You can view the presentation and polling results below! 

AEC Open House June 2018 

The AEC held an Open House for the community on June 18-19, 2018. You can view informational boards and the comments received from the event below. 


Destination District Vision & Strategy Public Event September 2018

Vandewalle & Associates hosted the Destination District Vision & Strategy Pubilc Event September 12, 2018. The meeting consisted of a presentation of ideas and opportunities that could shape a destination district, followed by keypad polling to measure the relative priority among the many ideas presented. Following the presentation regarding the Destination District Vision & Strategy, event attendees were provided with individual worksheets to complete then discuss amongst their table group, where they would vote on their top responses for each question. The top responses for each question were then presented to the full event group. You can view the presentation, keypad polling, and individual and small group discussion results below.